can cbd oil cure diabetes

This article discusses one of the most used oils for diabetes, CBD oil and gets an answer: Can CBD oil cure diabetes? Diabetes, a chronic disease, is causing many deaths, making it dangerous. Chronic disease is a disease that does not have any permanent cure. Managing diabetes involves both medication adherence and a balanced diet. People often choose to use natural treatments for controlling diabetes.

Diabetes Atlas 9th Edition, a research report by the International Diabetes Federation, states that diabetes affects 463 million people. It will rise to some hundred million by 2045. 

The country with the highest number of diabetics in 2019 was China, totalling 116 million people, while India came in second with 77 million and America in third with 31 million. So before knowing about CBD, let’s understand about diabetes.

1. Diabetes

Can CBD oil cure diabetes?

We eat to get energy. Eating causes glucose to grow in our blood. The pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that transports this glucose to energy-generating cells in our body. 

When our body cannot properly use insulin, glucose remains in our bloodstream, leading to diabetes, which is commonly known as blood sugar.

2. Types Of Diabetes

  • Type 1 occurs in childhood only because of genetic problems. It is insulin-dependent diabetes in which a person needs to take insulin to live.
  • Type 2 occurs because of an inappropriate diet in adults. Most people in the world suffer from this type 2 disease. It is non-insulin-dependent diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes occurs in women during pregnancy because of complications in delivery.

3. Can CBD oil cure diabetes?

Diabetes does not have any cure, but a proper diet, medication, and workout solves control diabetes. However, CBD oil treatment is a natural treatment that could help to reduce the uncertainty in blood sugar.

cbd oil
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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound present in the cannabis sativa plant. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, a researcher scientist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was the first founder of the CBD compound. 

Liver damage, irritation, decreased appetite, drowsiness, toxicity, and agitation are some of the side effects of CBD, due to which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restricts CBD supplements. However, researchers have researched the use of CBD oil on animal and type 2 diabetic patients in recent research. 

4. Study Results On CBD

According to the research report “CBD use in Type2 Diabetes”, CBD is not an alternative method to control diabetes. However, the research also concluded that the patient with diabetes level did not worsen with the intake of CBD and did not have other side effects. 

According to the research report on middle-aged mice, CBD usage has shown results like weight gain, higher insulin levels, and lower glycemia. It is important to note that these research studies do not assure the use of CBD for diabetes.

5.Final Thought

CBD is a natural compound and has different effects on different bodies. Some people have positive and some negative results with their intake. However, CBD oil could not replace medications for controlling diabetes. Considerably, it helps to defeat anxiety, weight loss, and other problems. 

Moreover, the FDA also has not regulated CBD supplements because of no evidence. The only medicine so far approved by the FDA is Epidiolex to treat childhood epilepsy. It is advisable to consult a doctor and continuously monitor diabetes levels before taking CBD oil.

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